About Me…

Run DMC'in

Welcome to my spot! I’m Jade and i’m from outskirts of North West London.  I adore music, fashion and overall the entertainment world. I have attempted blogging before but quickly lost interest due to the lack of personal features I was willing to share at the time.
After procrastinating for a while about returning to the ‘blogging world’ I feel now is best time to create a place where my thoughts and feelings can be expressed, published and hopefully acknowledged. Life is constantly moving at a fast pace where people no longer have the time or patients to express true feelings on how they feel about someone or something. But I have made a personal decision to step out of my comfort zone and free my mind and fingers and share my interests and my life. Hope you enjoy! 🙂


  1. Your domain looked familiar. And now that you say you blogged before I believe we have crossed paths on here before. Anywho, thanks for following my blog. Stick with it. You just need readership to make you stay

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