Hair & Beauty

The discovery of Flexi-Rods

Since taking out my weave over a week ago I decided to stop being lazy and try out some different styles. I dug out my beauty box and found my forgotten flexi-rods. It’s super easy to do the only challenging part is when it’s time for bed. Sleeping on a head full of rods is uncomfortable to say the least. The first time I tried this out was on wet hair so when I woke up the next day for work thinking my hair would be dry and full of bounce it was the complete opposite- wet and full of frizz. 

I decided to try it out again but this time on dry hair and it was a success! The only error was that although my hair was curly, due to lack of hair products some of my curls ends were frizzy. 

I decided to start over as I wanted to master the “art” of rod setting so later that day I tried it out again and it was a success! Everyday I see beautiful bouncy big set of curls on instagram and always thought that my hair could not look like that but I’ve found the “key to success” 

Flexi- rods are a perfect way to have bouncy curls with minimal shrinkage. It works well for me as it allow me to not have to leave my house with wet hair in the winter months. 

If you haven’t tried it yet, get you some rods ladies!!! Xox

Weave Free

After going to the gym back to back and having my weave in for 4 weeks it was most definitely time to take it out and let my natural hair breathe. I love the feeling of taking my hair out and massaging my scalp! It’s literally a mouth watering experience 😂🙈
Right after I took it out it was pretty late and I had work the next morning so I gave it a good 2 shampoo washes, followed by conditioner. I then sectioned my hair in 4 parts and combed out the dead hair that had built up whilst wearing my weave. 

I then proceeded to applying Cantu Shea Butter leave-in conditioner, Argan oil hydrating hair mask and coconut oil. 

I can definitely see the growth in my hair now but I must admit I’m guilty of not dedicating weekly TLC to my hair. I need to get back to deep hair treatments and hair massages… perhaps that will increase healthy growth.

Natural Hair Struggle

It’s been 5 years since I decided to go natural and I can’t say it’s been an easy experience. Ive always had curly hair since I was a baby but my hair was and still is super thick so when I was 13 years old I stupidly “texturised” my hair just before I started secondary school. You should have seen the length! My hair was almost touching my bum and I loved it… at the time. After years of relaxing my hair it started to get shorter and lifeless. My hair was so limb and dry from all the relaxing products, so on Good Friday in 2011 I made a firm decision that it was going to be the last time I was going to put chemicals in my hair.

 At first  I didn’t really see much difference between the two textures in my hair but towards the end of 2011 my mum very lovingly told me my hair looked a mess and I needed to do something  with it. I chose to go for a protective style as I wasn’t ready to do the ‘big chop’ so I opted for a full head of weave. Now this was my first time ever wearing weave so I was super excited! I felt like Beyoncé leaving the salon. 

Every time I get my hair done I still get excited with the results. It’s just a switch up from the usual boring hair styles I have day to day.

I soon became accustomed to having tight braids and a long mane and over the last 4 years Ive been having my hair weaved in the winter months and having my natural hair out in the summer. 

My natural hair LOVES water, it’s as if it stays dehydrated. It looks so nice when I first come out the shower but then as the day progresses my hair just seems to shrink. One thing I quickly learned about having natural hair is that it takes EFFORT, MONEY & PATIENCE! You find yourself spending a small fortune on loads of curly hair products, experiementing and trying to figure out what best suits your curl pattern. 

Figuring out your curl pattern in the beginning can be challenging as you are in the transitioning stages between your processed hair and your natural hair. It can be misleading where you may think your curl pattern is one way but really it’s on a completely different coding.

I used this curl chart when I first went natural and I’m yet figure out what exactly is my curl pattern.  I have all kind of textures in my hair. I would say my curl pattern is between 3b, 3c & 4a. The back and middle part of my hair is 4a but then I have some 3c in the mix. It’s just complicated! Trying to work out what hair products best suit my hair is also complicated. Most products leave a horrible white residue  where it looks like I have a head full of dandruff! The best curl pudding I find works well is Aunt Jackies Curl LaLa Defining Curl Custard 

It smells amazing and it leaves my hair soft and frizz free. 

My hair has grown over the years but it’s been a very slow process. When you first decided to go natural it’s so easy to get caught up with how long your hair is taking to grow and start comparing your progress to others. I’m 5 years into my natural hair journey and I’m still not happy with my hair length. It takes time, TLC, Coconut oil, deep conditioning treatments and protective styles. 

I must admit though I’m absolutely rubbish with hair! When I’m not wearing weave my hair is either up in a bun or left out. I’m not adventurous enough to try different styles. I just need a curl hair guru to work her magic on this curl fro xo