Month: May 2016

My version of Cobb Salad

I was watching a Tasty video on Facebook the other day on how to make a Cobb salad and it looked so yummy I just had to make my own version today! 

I started off boiling eggs, cutting and grilling bacon and chicken breast which I lightly seasoned with chill powder, garlic salt and all purpose.

I then prept my salad, slicing and dicing green and red romaine lettuce, spring onions, red & yellow bell peppers and cucumber. Once the eggs had finished boiling and cooled down, I deshelled and sliced the eggs followed by the chicken and cherry tomatoes. 

Once placing all my protein on top of my salad I made a quick dressing consisting of English mustard, apple cider vinager, honey, salt and pepper 

I forgot to add my avocados when I took my pics but I threw them in mid way through scoffing my food! Lol. It was super quick and so damn yummy! Definitely will be making this again. xo

Sunday Hike 

Having recently sold my car going to places have become more of a challenge. I’m just so used to the convenience of jumping in my car and driving anywhere especially to work and the gym. For the last week and a half I’ve been slacking and not going to the gym but Ive started back on Thursday and I must admit it felt really good getting my body moving again. Trying to shift the pounds is a challenge in its self so along with drinking my Protein World shakes and going to the gym I decided to go for a Sunday hike with my girl. We went to this amazing park called Cassiobury in Watford. It’s so huge!  Filled with nature reserves, river gades, willow banks and golf courses . The scenery is lovely especially in sunny weather like we had today and they have many steep hills to do sprints. 

We recorded our hike via Fitbit which Calculated that we hiked 4 miles in an hour and 48 minutes. I really enjoyed my time and this is definitely going to be a weekly thing (depending on good old English weather)

As usual I’m never shy from the camera or snapping so here are some pics xox

Public Transport Horror

Last Sunday I finally sold my car as I’ve purchased my new baby ( super excited) and I’m waiting for it to be delivered.. Now this all sounds fine and dandy BUT the downside to this is the fact that my car won’t be in my possession till July/August time! Which means I am reliant on foot, bus & train. Now normally ( when I had my car) I don’t mind taking the odd train to the city on a night out or a day venture but what I absolutely hate is taking the bus! I can’t bare it, always have always will. It’s the crowdedness and uncleanliness that urks my soul. People sneezing, not covering their flemy coughs oh and don’t let me start on the smells. I will NEVER understand how one can smell so bad first thing in the morning. Travelling on the bus everyday gives me confirmation that many people know NOTHING about personal hygiene. Every minute I’m squeezing anti bacterial gel and holding my breath and it’s only week one! This may come across being melodramatic BUT I am someone who’s driven since the age of 18 that’s 9 years old personal clean space and convenience. Anyway today I was so disgusted by the smells that invaded my nostrils that I decided to take some pics! Lol xo 

Revamping My Room

So 3 months ago I moved house which was a big change for me as the previous house I lived in I spent the best part of my life, all of my teen years and the early stages of my 20’s. As you can imagine moving into unfamiliar teritories can be unsettling BUT thankfully the previous owners wasn’t complete slobs and the house was in great condition where moving in was a comfortable adjustment. After a few months however I felt the need to freshen up my room as the eggshell coloured skirtings was not doing it for me! Yesterday with help from my lovely mum and brother we painted my room from ceiling to floor. I didn’t want to have coloured walls just a blank canvas so that I can incorporate my colour scheme (black silver & grey) with furnishings and  accessories. I also have an amazing shaggy jewelled rug being delivered too so I will take pics of the final look once it’s all come Together. My body is definitely feeling the after effects of the hard work I put in. Here’s a few snaps I managed to take during the transformation. Xo