Have A Seat At The Table Honey!

The anticipated album from the ever so gorgeous Solange is finally here! I downloaded this album on 1/10/16 and have been playing it non stop ever since… I’m in love! This album is everything and I’m not just saying that because I’ve been a fan since her sophomore album 8 years ago (Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams). It’s soul touching, you can close your eyes and zone out into another place… it feels almost spiritual.  I appreciate the time she took making this album because it reflects in the body of work. The thing I love about Solange is that she walks at the beat of her own drum. She is in her own lane and competes with no one. She’s eclectic, distinctive, quirky and sexy. 

The album has a combination of straight talk political views with an R&b sultry tone. Tracks such as Don’t Touch My Hair, Weary, Cranes in the Sky all have a sense of empowerment and identity. I love how she incorporated skits featuring her mother and father expressing their personal views of embracing black culture and past experience of racial discrimination. 

This album is dope! If you haven’t already got it, go get it!!! Xo


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