My version of Cobb Salad

I was watching a Tasty video on Facebook the other day on how to make a Cobb salad and it looked so yummy I just had to make my own version today! 

I started off boiling eggs, cutting and grilling bacon and chicken breast which I lightly seasoned with chill powder, garlic salt and all purpose.

I then prept my salad, slicing and dicing green and red romaine lettuce, spring onions, red & yellow bell peppers and cucumber. Once the eggs had finished boiling and cooled down, I deshelled and sliced the eggs followed by the chicken and cherry tomatoes. 

Once placing all my protein on top of my salad I made a quick dressing consisting of English mustard, apple cider vinager, honey, salt and pepper 

I forgot to add my avocados when I took my pics but I threw them in mid way through scoffing my food! Lol. It was super quick and so damn yummy! Definitely will be making this again. xo