10 Weeks Till Summer… Apparently 


I saw a personal trainer post a count down till summer clock on Instagram yesterday and it really made me clinch my imaginary pearls. I mean what do you mean there’s 10 weeks till summer!?! I can’t believe how fast the days are flying by and I have still not made any progress with my body. My battle with my body is still on going ( mentioned about my body issues in previous posts) and Im annoyed with myself that a change is yet to come lol. With that said I’ve started my health kick on Monday, no junk food and back killing myself in the gym. It is day 4 and all I want is a fat slice of cake but the body pain I am currently experiencing is letting me know I must be doing something right in the gym and I don’t want my pain to be all in vain.

I told myself that 2016 is going to be about positive changes so with that said I am going to try document my progress throughout and stick to my plan. NO Junk and LOTS of exercise. 
I will keep you posted.. Stay tuned! 🙂