Month: April 2016

New Lipglam Alert!

Ive been looking for a matte lipstick for a while now as previous ones I have tried often crumbles on my lips after an hour or so. After browsing on Instagram one product that keeps appearing on my timeline is NYX cosmetics. They have a great following on Instagram and I’ve seen quite a few socialites promote their  product. They have an amazing variety of shades/ products not just for your lips but for every part of your gorgeous face! They also promote no animal testing which is great. NYX cosmetics is an American company and they unfortunately do not offer direct worldwide delivery ( I tried to buy a stack of things but it was way too complicated to get delivered) I did however discover that in the UK Selfridges, Boots, The Beauty Store, Asos and Very hold some of NYX cosmetics.

I have so far purchased NYX liquid suede cream lipstick and Lip lingerie which are amazing! It has a smooth matte finish and lasts at a good time length. I also purchased their Mirco brow pencil which is perfect to create the right tint for your face without being overpowering. 

I will definitely be purchasing some new products in the near future! 

Don’t worry about what I’m doing! 


It’s so astonishing to me the way people find it a priority to know the ins and outs of other people’s lives but are not willing to share anything of theirs. Why is that ok? Who gave you superiority privilege to be all up in my business wanting to know what I’m doing, where I’m going and who I’m seeing but yet I barely know anything that goes on in your life. Maybe I’m just wired up differently but the way I see it, I am a grown ass woman and although I have girlfriends I am close with, I believe I am grown enough to not have to share every aspect of my life. The reason why I don’t know every aspect of people’s lives is because it is none of my damn business. If you don’t share your business with me, I don’t ask questions because clearly it is something I don’t need to know. It’s not my place to know. I am not your mother therefore you’re grown enough to do as you please and share information as you see fit. That’s the way I see it. As a little girl you share every aspect of your life with your friends but when you’re an adult it’s not necessary. Not everyone is wishing you well, people have hidden agendas and I’m all for having positive energy surrounding me. It is not fair to do as you please with whoever, not share information but then you integrate your friends for their business. It does not work like that. Not for me anyway. If I want to share my business with a friend about my life, only then I will do so.