Revamping My Room

So 3 months ago I moved house which was a big change for me as the previous house I lived in I spent the best part of my life, all of my teen years and the early stages of my 20’s. As you can imagine moving into unfamiliar teritories can be unsettling BUT thankfully the previous owners wasn’t complete slobs and the house was in great condition where moving in was a comfortable adjustment. After a few months however I felt the need to freshen up my room as the eggshell coloured skirtings was not doing it for me! Yesterday with help from my lovely mum and brother we painted my room from ceiling to floor. I didn’t want to have coloured walls just a blank canvas so that I can incorporate my colour scheme (black silver & grey) with furnishings and  accessories. I also have an amazing shaggy jewelled rug being delivered too so I will take pics of the final look once it’s all come Together. My body is definitely feeling the after effects of the hard work I put in. Here’s a few snaps I managed to take during the transformation. Xo

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