Protein World..1 week down 9 more to go!

I’m really enjoying my Protein world shakes but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that this first week has been challenging. Belly rumbles and cravings for anything sweet and cheesy is still occurring.. Shit as I write this I’m thinking about the lemon drizzle cake I had to decline and return back to my colleague ( my team at work want me to remain the same). I’ve been mixing my powder with different milks such as almond, hazelnut and coconut for different flavours which is delicious. Having the shakes is not the issue, it’s the inbetween of not having them that I’m finding hard. Dinner time is my favourite time of the day where I make healthy, nutritious and yummy meals such as fish and veg, lean turkey meat balls and salad. Ive also been hitting the gym hard, focusing mainly on cardio and a little weights. With 9 weeks to go of my 10 week challenge, I’m hoping these hunger pains will shift and I will start to smooth sail into my target weight!  xo


  1. I’ve been curious for a while about Protein World and if its more effective than my Muscle Milk powder (that I’m almost out of) so I will definitely be following your journey!

      1. That’s quite a harsh diet Jade. Have you looked at They’ve got great resources for planning a good diet. The shakes are good, and I’d recommend only replacing breakfast with the shake, and then move on to whole foods for lunches and snacks etc. This is mainly because the shakes leave out the essential fats your body needs! What I’d do is:

        – Shake in the morning (approx. 200 cals)
        – mid morning almonds (30g – 250 cals – all good fats!!)
        – Lunch would be some chicken/veggie alternative with brown rice (100g rice, 200g chicken, + veg) – approx. 500 cals.
        – Dinner i’d go for salmon & vegetables or similar (approx. 500 cals)

        This would give you a really good and healthy 1500 cals (approx.) meal plan.

        Slender Blend is also really high in sugar (25%!!!) so causes you to get hungry almost instantly afterwards. At only 300~ calories for breakfast and lunch, when you come off your diet you’ll rebound terribly.. keep it steady 🙂

        Hope that helps.


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