Make The Most Of It While You Can

It’s not often that us Londoners are blessed with a lasting hot sunny weekend but this past weekend our prayers was answered! During last week my girl made me aware of the up and coming weather and told me that we are taking a road trip to the beach! I’m not one to argue with a fun motive so of course I replied back with a “hell yeah!” Saturday we met up and got our nails done and then we hit the supermarket to buy our picnic food. We bought really cute finger snacks including humous, olives, sundried tomatoes and fruit. Sunday morning we sped down the M25 and arrived at Margate beach at 12pm. We found a car park close by which was pay and display but really reasonable! 

The vibe of Margate was really chilled and mellow, the beach wasn’t too packed and people were friendly. My girl and I brought two picnic blankets and vegged out for the whole afternoon. I haven’t been to Margate since I was a kid but it was lovely going back as an adult, seizing the day of sunshine and vibzing with good food, good music and each other’s company!

The only downfall is the bastard seagulls! We was bombarded by a tribe as soon as we took our food out. One was even brave enough to try run off with our pack of grapes 😂 luckily my girl is a tuff nut and was ready to battle with them! Me on the other hand was ducking and diving, paranoid that shit was going to land on me! Lool 

Here’s a few snaps I took of my trip xo


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