Chapter 28

I have just entered my new birth year  (14th October) and you know what, I actually feel really good about it. I was dreading turning a year older due to personal things in my life not coming together BUT I feel grateful and blessed. I know how truly blessed I am to have a loving family, good friends and health.
This birthday I just wanted to let my hair down and have a fun, care free celebration. I normally organise a birthday dinner extravaganza where I’m the one worrying about people showing up on time, whether their having a good time etc. This year I grew sick and tired with a lot of people and decided to just focus on something much more laid back.

I chose to attend a 90’s themed Karaoke event where the entire venue and guest paid homage to the best era for Hiphop and R&B. There was karaoke, old skool games such as Nintendo 64, PAC Man and old skool props including dress code. I had such a laugh with my girls dancing the night away and drinking way too much Rum. 

I chose to get my 90’s inspiration from Mary J Blige, Faith Evans and 90’s Chola’s from Compton. I two toned my lips using dark lip liner and burgundy & red mate cream lipstick. I bought some door knocker gold earrings and wore a black body with high rise black jeans. I also wore faux fur but I didn’t manage to get a pic wearing it. 

I believe every time you turn a year older there must be some form of positive change whether it’s in work life, personal relationships or just a change in your mind set. Personal growth is so important. I always seem to have an epiphany leading up to my birthday where I assess my life and the people in it and whether it’s a healthy to continue going into a new birth year the same way. Change is good and I have faith in god and myself to make this new chapter a positive and happy one. Xo

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