The discovery of Flexi-Rods

Since taking out my weave over a week ago I decided to stop being lazy and try out some different styles. I dug out my beauty box and found my forgotten flexi-rods. It’s super easy to do the only challenging part is when it’s time for bed. Sleeping on a head full of rods is uncomfortable to say the least. The first time I tried this out was on wet hair so when I woke up the next day for work thinking my hair would be dry and full of bounce it was the complete opposite- wet and full of frizz. 

I decided to try it out again but this time on dry hair and it was a success! The only error was that although my hair was curly, due to lack of hair products some of my curls ends were frizzy. 

I decided to start over as I wanted to master the “art” of rod setting so later that day I tried it out again and it was a success! Everyday I see beautiful bouncy big set of curls on instagram and always thought that my hair could not look like that but I’ve found the “key to success” 

Flexi- rods are a perfect way to have bouncy curls with minimal shrinkage. It works well for me as it allow me to not have to leave my house with wet hair in the winter months. 

If you haven’t tried it yet, get you some rods ladies!!! Xox