Public Transport Horror

Last Sunday I finally sold my car as I’ve purchased my new baby ( super excited) and I’m waiting for it to be delivered.. Now this all sounds fine and dandy BUT the downside to this is the fact that my car won’t be in my possession till July/August time! Which means I am reliant on foot, bus & train. Now normally ( when I had my car) I don’t mind taking the odd train to the city on a night out or a day venture but what I absolutely hate is taking the bus! I can’t bare it, always have always will. It’s the crowdedness and uncleanliness that urks my soul. People sneezing, not covering their flemy coughs oh and don’t let me start on the smells. I will NEVER understand how one can smell so bad first thing in the morning. Travelling on the bus everyday gives me confirmation that many people know NOTHING about personal hygiene. Every minute I’m squeezing anti bacterial gel and holding my breath and it’s only week one! This may come across being melodramatic BUT I am someone who’s driven since the age of 18 that’s 9 years old personal clean space and convenience. Anyway today I was so disgusted by the smells that invaded my nostrils that I decided to take some pics! Lol xo