Ask, Believe and Receive 

I hate talking about my problems to people hence why I keep shit bottled in. I tend to only speak to myself and then end up completely overthinking and mind fucking myself.  I’ve  been trying to have a positive outlook on life. Everyday I give myself a pep talk of “the glass is half full” “everything happens for a reason” but life always has a way of trying me.

I’ve researched, stuck encouraging post-it notes on my mirrors, printed articles, bought books. Shit, I’ve even downloaded ‘The Law of Attraction’ and ‘The Secret Daily Teachings’ app to find words of encouragement. Most recently I’ve downloaded Joel Osteen ‘Word of Today’ app to uplift and motivate me with words of worship to God. I have done all of these things and my morale and my life doesn’t seem to be pushing forward positively.

The law of attraction is basically a state of mind philosophy, for one to free their mind from negativity and revel in the universal law of positive attraction. It’s all about having a positive mind set, think positive thoughts and those very thoughts will become a reality.

But my question is does this shit even work?!

If I keep speaking things into existence and having positive uplifting thoughts will I get what I want?

I’ve been ASKING for what I want, I BELIEVE I deserve and can obtain what I want so when will I RECEIVE what I want??

I need some guidance or a sign because right now I’m feeling so damn fed up and I hate being such a Debbie downer….church on Sunday perhaps? Xo


  1. Try expecting something that doesn’t seem out of reach, like a free cup of coffee? Assuming that turns up, then try for something unusual but not impossible – maybe like seeing a white feather. Then take it step by step.

  2. I recommend reading Outwitting The Devil. You gotta understand you not going to get anywhere with words and wishes. You have to ACT. If you actually apply some of the actions in these books you will be something great.

    1. I’m not just sitting down and not making any moves. I’m reading, praying and Pursuing but I seem to hit a brick wall. Thank you for the recommendation though! I will definitely have a look into that book 🙂

      1. The books you mentioned in your posts would not have been written if it wasn’t for the author behind Outwitting a The Devil. His name is Napoleon Hill.

        Take me. I can relate to your post. I’m not where I want to be in my life. I feel I should be a millionaire and have my own company by now. None of this is true at the moment. But guess what. It’s my fault. I know the bullshit I been doing with my time. I know prayer and wishes will not reverse this. Only me reversing my course of actions.

  3. Do you have a situation which is bothering you deep down? You may benefit from meditating on that situation and thinking of all the ways that it can’t affect you negatively anymore. I had a situation from my past that was holding me back from feeling like I was worth the things I wanted for myself. Once I worked through that, it all fell into place. It will work, you just need to have patience and faith. 🙂

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