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Sunday HikeĀ 

Having recently sold my car going to places have become more of a challenge. I’m just so used to the convenience of jumping in my car and driving anywhere especially to work and the gym. For the last week and a half I’ve been slacking and not going to the gym but Ive started back on Thursday and I must admit it felt really good getting my body moving again. Trying to shift the pounds is a challenge in its self so along with drinking my Protein World shakes and going to the gym I decided to go for a Sunday hike with my girl. We went to this amazing park called Cassiobury in Watford. It’s so huge!  Filled with nature reserves, river gades, willow banks and golf courses . The scenery is lovely especially in sunny weather like we had today and they have many steep hills to do sprints. 

We recorded our hike via Fitbit which Calculated that we hiked 4 miles in an hour and 48 minutes. I really enjoyed my time and this is definitely going to be a weekly thing (depending on good old English weather)

As usual I’m never shy from the camera or snapping so here are some pics xox

Public Transport Horror

Last Sunday I finally sold my car as I’ve purchased my new baby ( super excited) and I’m waiting for it to be delivered.. Now this all sounds fine and dandy BUT the downside to this is the fact that my car won’t be in my possession till July/August time! Which means I am reliant on foot, bus & train. Now normally ( when I had my car) I don’t mind taking the odd train to the city on a night out or a day venture but what I absolutely hate is taking the bus! I can’t bare it, always have always will. It’s the crowdedness and uncleanliness that urks my soul. People sneezing, not covering their flemy coughs oh and don’t let me start on the smells. I will NEVER understand how one can smell so bad first thing in the morning. Travelling on the bus everyday gives me confirmation that many people know NOTHING about personal hygiene. Every minute I’m squeezing anti bacterial gel and holding my breath and it’s only week one! This may come across being melodramatic BUT I am someone who’s driven since the age of 18 that’s 9 years old personal clean space and convenience. Anyway today I was so disgusted by the smells that invaded my nostrils that I decided to take some pics! Lol xo 

Revamping My Room

So 3 months ago I moved house which was a big change for me as the previous house I lived in I spent the best part of my life, all of my teen years and the early stages of my 20’s. As you can imagine moving into unfamiliar teritories can be unsettling BUT thankfully the previous owners wasn’t complete slobs and the house was in great condition where moving in was a comfortable adjustment. After a few months however I felt the need to freshen up my room as the eggshell coloured skirtings was not doing it for me! Yesterday with help from my lovely mum and brother we painted my room from ceiling to floor. I didn’t want to have coloured walls just a blank canvas so that I can incorporate my colour scheme (black silver & grey) with furnishings and  accessories. I also have an amazing shaggy jewelled rug being delivered too so I will take pics of the final look once it’s all come Together. My body is definitely feeling the after effects of the hard work I put in. Here’s a few snaps I managed to take during the transformation. Xo

Protein World..1 week down 9 more to go!

I’m really enjoying my Protein world shakes but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that this first week has been challenging. Belly rumbles and cravings for anything sweet and cheesy is still occurring.. Shit as I write this I’m thinking about the lemon drizzle cake I had to decline and return back to my colleague ( my team at work want me to remain the same). I’ve been mixing my powder with different milks such as almond, hazelnut and coconut for different flavours which is delicious. Having the shakes is not the issue, it’s the inbetween of not having them that I’m finding hard. Dinner time is my favourite time of the day where I make healthy, nutritious and yummy meals such as fish and veg, lean turkey meat balls and salad. Ive also been hitting the gym hard, focusing mainly on cardio and a little weights. With 9 weeks to go of my 10 week challenge, I’m hoping these hunger pains will shift and I will start to smooth sail into my target weight!  xo

The Start Of Protein World

I’ve been hearing and seeing really good things about Protein Worlds products specifically from my girl crush/ fitness guru Tammy Hembrow so I decided to incorporate the shakes into my healthy eating to kick start my road to getting a sexy body. I ordered the vanilla flavour as I thought it would give me more room to mix it with not just almond milk but also hazelnut and coconut. This morning was my first day and I must tell you it is soooo delicious. I was pleasantly surprised as majority of the branded shakes I’ve had in the past were all repulsive! Hence why I always ended up cheating and having a snickers lol. But Trust me when I say this shake is yummy. They have a few other flavours, banana, chocolate and strawberry  all of which I plan on trying! 

I Am So Fat!

This is something I tell myself everyday. I have struggled with my weight my entire life! I was always known as the chubby/ fat one in my family and I was very aware and negative about my appearance from a very young age. I can remember being in primary school and feeling different to my friends. I knew I stood out not only was I chubby but I was also tall for my age. My dad used to tell me growing up “don’t worry about your body, it’s just baby fat, it will fall right off when you’re a teenager” I then hit my teens and my fat turned from baby to a grown ass adult. I was depressed about my weight which lead me to comfort eat and gain more weight. When I reached 20 years old I decided time for a change and I went on a strict diet plan of powdered shakes, soups and porridge. The taste of these packets were so disgusting that after a short while I couldn’t stomach them and resulted to just starving myself for 13 weeks. After I came to an end of my “starving programme”, I lost shit loads of weight – 4 stones to be exact and still I wasn’t happy with my body. Even though people and family told me I looked “too skinny” or “great” I still felt like I should lose more. 6 years later and I’m still struggling to lose weight and feel happy about my appearance. Although I’ve never gone back to my heaviest weight I still have been up and down on the scales between 1-2 stones. Today I was looking at all my body pics I have taken of myself on my phone ( I have a tonne) and realised that I actually didn’t look as bad as I felt at the time. I actually looked better than I do now ( see I’m still being negative) but within these pictures I hated my body, I felt fat and very negative towards myself. I’ve always known that I am my own worst enemy and I have a really bad negative attitude towards my body but today I got a wake up call. I realised that my body wasn’t that bad then and perhaps it isn’t that bad now. Calling myself FAT everyday is not the positive energy I’m trying to radiate in my life and I need to start placing myself in high regard. Yes my body isn’t the way I want it to be but you know what, I’m currently doing something about it. I’m eating healthy, i’m working my ass off in the gym so God willing I will see the results I want in due time. 

I read that speaking negative about yourself consequently leads to a snowball effect of failure leading to poor choices and regrets. I no longer want to make poor choices and have any regrets so from now on I will try really really hard not to use the word FAT. I’m going start showering myself with compliments and encouraging words. Maybe my negative attitude is my downfall, my reason for the lack of progression! Just to make sure I have my shit in order I have also told my friends they have full permission to slap me if the words happen to slip out my mouth. šŸ™‚ 

My First Feature On A Podcast Show!


Yesterday I was invited to radio presenter Mr Voltaire podcast show! The show took place at Westside Radio 89.6fm studios where myself,  4 opinionated ladies and 1 man (Mr Voltaire) spoke about real, hard hitting topics such as love, friendships, relationships and family dynamics! I had so much fun and I look forward to taking part again very soon!

Have a listen! 

Link: Mr Voltaire Pod Cast Show 30

Nutty About Buddah

Having recently moved house I am currently in the process of furnishing my bedroom. I have chosen to stick with a neutral colour scheme (white, black, silver and grey) so I’ve  been shopping around for items within this scheme.  I am obsessed with Buddah heads so when I saw these beauties I just had to take them both home. 

If you’re lucky you can find these items at TKMAX for a bargain price of Ā£7.99 each!

Thick Thighs Might Save Lives BUT They’re Killing My JeansĀ 


  I’m sure every woman with thick thighs can relate! Jeans always seem to have a 12 month expiration date with me due to my robust thunder thighs. Today I have had to say farewell to my favourite ripped jeans and I can’t help but feel a little sad. You would think I would be accustomed to short term relationships with my bottom garments but these jeans hold memories of a great social year . Last year I had one of the best Spring/summers and now this hole represents an official closing to that chapter. 

Oh well time to buy some new ripped jeans I think! Xo

10 Weeks Till Summer… ApparentlyĀ 


I saw a personal trainer post a count down till summer clock on Instagram yesterday and it really made me clinch my imaginary pearls. I mean what do you mean there’s 10 weeks till summer!?! I can’t believe how fast the days are flying by and I have still not made any progress with my body. My battle with my body is still on going ( mentioned about my body issues in previous posts) and Im annoyed with myself that a change is yet to come lol. With that said I’ve started my health kick on Monday, no junk food and back killing myself in the gym. It is day 4 and all I want is a fat slice of cake but the body pain I am currently experiencing is letting me know I must be doing something right in the gym and I don’t want my pain to be all in vain.

I told myself that 2016 is going to be about positive changes so with that said I am going to try document my progress throughout and stick to my plan. NO Junk and LOTS of exercise. 
I will keep you posted.. Stay tuned! šŸ™‚